February 2017: My NEW YEAR in Havana, Cuba

Places visited: downtown Havana, el Malecon, “La Rampa del Vedado” area,  la playa

LENGTH OF TRIP: 6 days and 5 nights

HIGHLIGHTS: I kicked off the last year in my 20s in Cuba. It seems like Cuba is frozen in time because of the beautiful architecture and old cars. It is a beautiful place. Wifi is not allowed in homes and most buildings, so you are forced to disconnect. I spent my birthday on the beach eating seafood. Prior to that, I took a tour around downtown Havana. I definitely plan to go back to explore more of the country.

TIPS: Keep in mind that you would need a visa here. You can buy right at the airport. You can exchange your money at the airport in Cuba. Make sure that you are really giving back to the Cuban people. Bring some things like clothes or plan to donate money or other items. You can get good prices on souvenirs and gifts to take back home. Do not leave without getting some Cuban cigars even if it’s just for keepsake! Also, this is a safe place. It’s considered to be one of the safest to travel to solo. You can rent some beautiful homes through AirBnB. I stayed HERE. The hosts are wonderful, and I am still friends with them.

Downtown Havana Cuba 
 Dancing on el Malecon 

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NEXT UP: Aruba

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