February 2018: I Turned 30 in Mexico City, Mexico

I am a birthday person. I call my birthday: “my new year.” I get excited about other people’s birthdays, too. So, if you were ever important in my life (even slightly) I still remember your birthday.

I plan my birthday months in advance. Making it to 30 is a milestone, so I wanted to do something major. I was planning a family dinner, but then decided almost last minute that I wanted to travel somewhere alone to a place I’ve never been.  A writer I follow on Instagram was sharing her experience in Mexico City. I’ve been to the beachy side of Mexico, but never to this city filled with art and museums. It was perfect choice, so I booked my tickets and headed there exactly a week before my birthday.

It was the best travel experience I had in my life so far. I’ve meet some great people, ate some good food and lived like I was just hanging out in my second home (#DearUniverse).

My 30th Birthday Photo shoot in the beautiful San Angel neighborhood in Mexico City, Mexico.

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Some of my adventures that I did solo and will never forget.

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