Here I keep a running list of places I want to go, things I want to do, people I want to meet:


  1. Cuba (29th Birthday in February 2017)
  2. Aruba (May 2016). I want to go back just to see the pink flamingos.
  3. Cabin weekend in Blue Ridge, GA. My family and I surprised my mother for her 50th in 2015. I am ready to go back this year for Father’s Day weekend.
  4. Visit Harriet Tubman Home (Visited 2015, 2017…) I plan to go every year during Women’s History Month.
  5. Morocco (March 2018)
  6. Mexico (Maya Riviera in November 2016) The goal is to go every year. It’s a beautiful country filled with beautiful people.
  • Mexico City (Next on list for 30th Birthday trip. It will be first time traveling solo to another country.)
  • See Frida Kahlo‘s art in person. I am obsessed with her. I paid homage to her this past Halloween.


  1. Have some of my art featured in an art show. This is happening (!!!). I’ll post more information soon.
  2. Speak Spanish better and learn Italian (I’m moving to Italy within the next year to pursue one of my dreams. More details on that later.)
  3. Earn my master’s in Journalism Innovation (half way there!) and get accepted to the PhD program at Newhouse.
  4. Ride in a hot air balloon. (Planned for Morocco trip in March 2018)


  1. Be in the presence of Oprah. I had to pleasure of seeing her up close when she came to cut the ribbon for my school’s grand opening ceremony.
  2. I must see Anita Baker in concert this year. She announced this will be her last year. I listen to hear music almost daily. Her music has gotten me through some tough moments.
  3. See Beyonce performance. I am what you consider a stan, and I am ashamed to say I wasn’t ever able to see her in live action…yet.
  4. Be in the presence of Rihanna.
  5. I want to meet Michelle Obama. I want to shake her hand. I want to embrace her.